6 Responses to Sabbatical? Sort of…

  1. For what it’s worth, I like your new logo. And it sounds like you have solid, reasonable long-range plans, and the right attitude to make those plans work.

  2. Rebecca Cleary says:

    Congratulations for choosing to take care of yourselves. You are amazing, a true gift to all of us! Here’s to a beautifully bright future, and to the scrumptious cow milk products we can still anticipate!

  3. Dori says:

    You and Tom have absolutely poured yourselves, heart and soul, into Little Brown Farm. Blessings on your sabbatical, may it be refreshing and inspiring! As far as products go, we will happily take the deliciousness we can get! xo

  4. That is a hard decision to make, but so necessary to recharge your batteries! I closed early last year and spent 4 months sleeping and knitting and cleaning house, about ten truck loads of stuff went to goodwill! I felt much better by spring and it wasn’t so hard when the babies started to arrive! The hardest part is doing all the feeding & milking chores AND making all the cheese AND going to all the markets..7 days a week. That’s the work of 3 people not one!! Bon voyage! Can’t wait to read of your adventures!

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