And all is right with the world.

Today kidding season started. The season of every 2 hour feedings, 3am maternity watches, missing meals and showers, and sleep (whatever that is?).

I’m still shaking a cough from my 4th cold of the year (yes, that’s 4 times I have succumbed to some sort of plague since the holidays!).
We still don’t have our intern/apprentice program figured out (although I’ve met some awesome people!).
We are at the end of our fiscal rope (winter = almost all of the expenses, no income, coming off of 3 hard years… ouch).

But who the BLEEP cares?!?!?

Not me. Not one bit.

Winter has had me down.
Unable to get out of bed.
Unwilling to change from my robe.
Unresponsive to phone calls or invitations to meet.

I’m convinced today that is isn’t the cold, or the wet, or the gray of winter that crushes my spirit.
I think it’s that absence of spring. Does that make even a little bit of sense?

Spring means chartreuse buds bursting from their burgundy shrouds on branches.
Spring means bulbs cutting like swords from the soil and exploding into brilliant hues for the rays of sun.
Spring means frogs singing a rhythmic chorus, croaking a song of love to anyone who appreciates their perfect pitch.
And Spring means babies. ALL sorts of babies. Chicks and ducklings and piglets and lambs… and on our farm kids.
Kids galore! Baby goat kids to fill every corner, every arm, every step, every heart.

When the baby goats get here, all is right in the world.

Xantippe's spotted boy

Xantippe’s spotted boy

Even the challenging births, the ones that bring us pain and anguish and cutting sorrow, somehow help to set the world right again.

Jazz' 3 kids

Jazz’ 3 kids

Kidding season is the harbinger of milk season. Not only do I have the most perfect playmates in the entire world, but I have the promise of milk to make cheese with.
Oh yes! The cheese room is ready and I am ready too! Soon, fresh milk will be turned into fresh cheese… and aged cheese… and even cajeta! Oh my!

My mouth is watering to think of it… but for now, I’m just happy, content… at peace with the world, with a baby goat in my arms, trying to nurse my chin, enjoying the new life on the farm.

Jazz' doe kid

Jazz’ doe kid

Happy spring.

Lilac buds and crocus blooms,

If you want to come see the babies – our farm is open at 3pm every day from April 1 through July 6 for bottle feeding. No appointment needed.

Our farm store is open at those times (because we DO expect you to shop here if you come for bottlefeeding – our feed bills need to be paid somehow… don’t make us start charging for bottlefeeding!) or every Saturday & Sunday from Noon-5pm.

The farm is available for tours by appointment, but we do charge for those! Yep. Our time is valuable and is already stretched too thin. Don’t worry, you won’t even miss the money and it will go to a good purpose here, but you’ll remember the tour for years, maybe a lifetime.

Xantippe's kids

Xantippe’s kids


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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