Size counts.

Size counts.

Somewhere, I really am sure it does… but let me tell you some places it doesn’t.

Size doesn’t matter at Handcrafted on Whidbey. If your budget is small or large, it’s all good (and it’s all local).

We have customers come in and spend their entire Christmas shopping budget with us, because they believe so strongly in what we are doing. We had one today. Their entire budget was $28.62 (yes, that included some laundry money).

What they found? A piece of unique handblown glass, a magnet (metal and glass made by awesome local talent), and an inspirational card… and they had change.

Wishing StonesmagnetsMARcard

We have other customers that have come in and spent hundreds of dollars. They picked perfect items, some for themselves, some for family and friends.
We have customers that have come back to buy matching items to items they found the first time they were in.
We have customers who come just to take it all in… all the talent brought to a few hundred square feet of retail spot on Bayview Corner.

I know about budgets and financial limitations. I also know the other side of the coin, where finances flowed freely. I get it. I honestly think I prefer this (not that the money stress if fun… but valuing things beyond their pricetag is, well, priceless!).

I could be choosing to do something with my time that would reward me financially, but that’s not it for me. Money has merely become a tool, finally, in my life.

My daughter could be working several other places, and at her young age has chosen to band with her mom and pull together this beautiful experience for our local talent, for our friends, for our community. As a mother I could not be more pleased or proud.

Community service comes in many shapes and sizes, peer groups, financial brackets. Our little pop-up store isn’t a non-profit… if we had income we would certainly be paying taxes on it (and we are all paying sales tax), but it doesn’t make it any less of a community venture. 85 talents, from jam makers to oil painters, from jewelers to authors, from weavers to woodworkers… all have the opportunity to have a little brighter New Year, because of you. You shopped local. Whether it was $5 or $500… size doesn’t count, YOU count. And for the artists that can keep on creating because they can now buy more materials to create with (or they can simply pay their heating expenses for the winter), you count a LOT. From us, from them, THANK YOU.

Sue Taves

Unbroken by Sue Taves
Broken Mended Hearts series


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A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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