Birthday Celebrations!

If you and I are FaceBook friends, you know how spectacular my birthday weekend was.

Birthday Cake

Birthday cake from Tree-top, dang they are awesome!

However, now that it’s behind us, I want to share the lowlights of my birthday weekend.

I let you know about all the wonderful love I was enveloped in for the weekend (Wow! Still reeling! Thank you!!), but Sunday late afternoon I got an urgent text from Tom while I was out having drinks after market with some friends and Christine.

Goats were sick. A lot of goats were sick. Really, really sick. More than half of the girls in our new pen were throwing up… just to be clear, healthy goats do not throw up.

New Pen for the Girls

Girls enjoying the new pen!

We rushed out from our fun time, made the ferry after only waiting in line 3 minutes, and got home. Many of the goats were already recovering, but some were still doing quite poorly.

In my market clothes, I worked with Tom to diagnose and treat to the best of my knowledge what was going on. Girls kept improving. We were down to only 3 left to watch through the night.

Oh, except did I mention that I sold two of our favorite doe kids from this year to a young gal in Oak Harbor (Check and Luna)? Check was sick now too. The poor first time goat owner was dealing with one of her two new babies throwing up like poltergeist.

It became a long night, on the heels of night with just over one hour of sleep, after two days of markets, topped off with a cocktail (or two… or three, but who is counting?).

By this morning all but one goat was markedly improved. By midafternoon all of them, including Check, were feeling okay and on the mend. (Check and Luna’s new mom is awesome!)


Check – can you see the check mark on her hip?

Check  without the checkmark

Check’s non-checked side.

Now, that full night sleep I’ve been longing for, it IS going to happen.

THIS is my favorite birthday gift of all… a healthy herd and a full night of rest. But it doesn’t diminish the heartfelt wishes, visits, cards, cake, songs and love I’ve felt all weekend. This is just the icing on that perfect cake.

Thank you for the love and for letting me bask in it and use it to pull me through a worried night when I needed my energy for my girls.

I will say it again. I am a grateful goat momma and the luckiest person I know, in no small part, because of you.

Happy, happy birthday to me.





About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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One Response to Birthday Celebrations!

  1. Deb South says:

    Happy birthday, my birthday was yesterday. I had an incident like yours a time back. When I went to feed in the morning, 2 of my 3 goats at the time were throwing up. They would shake their heads and spew green crap all over the place. I called the vet and after he stopped laughing told me that “goats don’t throw up”. I replied that “when a goat sprays green crap out of their mouths, I call it throwing up.” The vet was little to no help. The 2 goats that were throwing up eventually quit after they got out what was obviously bothering them. I hardly ever call a vet unless it involves blood or broken bones. Where I live we are blessed with 2 vets. One is in town, mostly handles dogs & cats, you have to load up and take the animal in. The other is a large animal vet that comes to the farm. That is the one that said “goats don’t throw up”. Either way neither one knows a great deal about goats.

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