Happy Anniversary to us!!

Happy Anniversary to us.

By “us” I mean the Little Brown Farm and all of those who have been a part of it.

This dream took 7 years in the planning. 3 years in actually planning, training, learning. 4 years in getting through roadblocks including being prevented for years from developing a farm plan (lack of funding and the WEAN lawsuits were mostly to blame – ultimately Snohomish County Conservation District took pity on me and Eric finally helped us complete our farm plan), to stalled at the county for construction permits. Sigh… All in the past. We made it.

3 years and one month ago we went through our final inspection to get our approval to open our little creamery.

Cheese making room

Cheese make room

We were the first micro-creamery to make it back to the dairy landscape of Whidbey. At one point Whidbey boasted more than 20 dairies. The majority of those sold their milk to Darigold. They weren’t micro-creameries like we are, but not much is like it was in the 1970’s, is it?

Now there are two diaries on Whidbey and a third poking its way down the road to certification. Hopefully someday soon my business plan dream of having 7 dairies on Whidbey will be realized. There is great value in numbers.

So the anniversary? Today, three years ago, Friday, August 13, 2010 was the first time our cheese was available for sale (at bayleaf and the Second Street Wine Shop). We sold cheese we made from milk we milked from goats we raised. If feels just as good to sell cheese today. I am certain this feeling will never get old.

Caprine Cream Chevre from the Little Brown Farm

Caprine Cream Chevre from the Little Brown Farm

I am so proud. I am proud of our girls, I’m proud of the team that helped me get here (Tom, Christine, Mike, Jordan, Anna, Tom S., wonderful volunteers, chefs, cow dairy collaborators, customers, and friends!). I am proud of our cheese. I am proud of our integrity. I am proud of what we have accomplished, and the hurdles we have overcome (and are still overcoming). I am proud of our successful Kickstarter and our awesome backers.

I am proud of the Little Brown Farm.

Thank you for supporting us, with your purchases, your kind thoughts and deeds and your supportive words and valued input. Thank you for being part of my dreams coming true.

Happy 3rd anniversary to you, and me.

PS For special anniversary deal(s) this weekend at market – I hope you’re connected to us through Facebook and Twitter! We will be announcing there… or just get your butt to Market and help us celebrate! 🙂


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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12 Responses to Happy Anniversary to us!!

  1. Wrenni says:

    Definitely an anniversary worth celebrating!! I look forward to your 13th, and your 23rd, and your 33rd, and then hopefully, one day, the passing of the torch. Happy Anniversary, Chief Milkmaid. 😀

  2. Jane&Anika says:

    Happy Anniversary! When we moved here, I thought Whildbey needed a goat cheese farm. Thank you for your dream, your efforts, and your love to make that happen! 🙂

  3. momsllc says:

    Congratulations, You’ve come so far! I’m very happy for you. While I no longer raise goats and I have sold my soap business I can still appreciate and celebrate all you’ve done to teach people the benefit of the goat. We’ve just started a food truck called Mom’s (on facebook, Mom’s Spritzers & Snacks) and you just never know where life will take you. Happy cheesemaking! Shannon

    Today is a new day.

    Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 05:28:52 +0000 To: wiggins_6@msn.com

    • Every day is a new day! That is the great thing about them! You will be great with Mom’s! Let me know if you ever get daring enough to want to haul over to the Mercer Island Farmers Market on Sundays, I know someone, who knows someone, who… well I’m friends with the market manager. 🙂

  4. Gillian Marrah says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Bob T Panda says:

    Happy pandaversary! You know I love your cheese, and you too. glad I had some small part in helping it to happen. Looking forward to your 10th, 20th and beyond anniversaries. Huzzah! (you know what the pandas are waiting for next…)

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