Introducing our first aged goat cheese: Batch 75

Dobby, the goat-in-a-sock I post about so much on Facebook, was born a mere 3lbs with a normal size (5-ish pounds) sister on March 26th this year. Their mom is Rivers.

Dobby and the Ram Lamb

Dobby and the Ram Lamb

Rivers was born 2 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011 (and was even featured on the front page of a local paper –

Her mom is Tulip, my daughter’s first goat and the momma in my logo.LBF Logo

Tulip is still in the herd, but retired now.

However, 2 years ago, when she was a fresh mom again, she provided me with luscious milk. I turned that milk to cheese.

#75 - Photo courtesy of Gerry Betz - awesome baker and photographer... and friend.

#75 – Photo courtesy of Gerry Betz – awesome baker and photographer… and friend.

In a few short hours that milk will debut at the (perfectly) ripe old age of 23 months as our newest and oldest cheese, Batch 75, at our local Bayview Farmers Market.

Now you have a little insight as to how we see our cheeses.

To us they aren’t simply curds molded to form something to delight your taste buds and nourish your body. They are the culmination of generations of work dedicated to the craft while devoted to our girls.

We hope that knowing that it wasn’t just my hands, but work and sacrifices from some very spoiled goats on our farm, will help you to appreciate what does go into making a cheese of this caliber.

My story is not unique. On little farms all across the world, cheesemakers like me are laboring with their does, creating curds and patiently tending cheeses, for your pleasure. So do your part. Enjoy.

Thank you to Tulip, Rivers and even Dobby for bringing this treat to the public, and for generations to come… at least goat generations.




About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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One Response to Introducing our first aged goat cheese: Batch 75

  1. Delicious, that is what Batch 75 is. Great job Vicky and Tulip as well. Additionally, we really enjoyed getting the chance to visit Little Brown Farm last weekend. And now to be to taste what a cheese cave can do.

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