At 80 years old…

I was off playing happy cheesemaker on a panel at NABC’s Value Added Dairy seminar in Mt. Vernon on Friday. Saturday led me over to Stanwood for WSU’s annual Country Living Expo to teach Cheesemaking at Home to 45+ eager students. However, I still feel a bit slacker-ish considering my awesome and cool-as-a-cucumber mother was getting her PURPLE belt in Karate!

Mom Purple

Green belt coming off to make way for PURPLE!!!

 This lovely 80 year young great-grandmother traded her green belt in for purple on Friday. She passed through the group test onto the next level as by far the eldest in the group.

My mother has always lied about her age. She was busted in our neighborhood when one of her bright and diligent children (not me!) learned math and her birth year and concluded she was not 29, but 34. In an effort to correct the mistake, this honest child plastered “our mom is really 34 years old” all over the neighborhood on cardboard signs.

My mother’s age integrity has swung the other direction. For the past two years she claimed to be 80 years old. In fact, she just turned 80 in October.

In her current class of karate students, one young student was curious about her age she asked if he would believe she was 100. He didn’t. He did concede that she was just stiff enough to be 80 though!

Mom's Green Belt

I was impressed when she had a gold belt! This is Green, right after her 80th birthday festivities!

It makes me wonder how many 8 year olds get to interact with seniors like this?

I’m so proud of my momma I could just burst. I think it is amazing for her, but also for them to see this ‘ancient’ person doing what they do, living in their little worlds.

What a boon for those kids to have the memory of the lady in the karate class when they were kids as they age into their teens or 20’s or 40’s or beyond.

How incredible is it for kids to grow up knowing that 80 isn’t old. There is always time. If you want to do something, and you’re old… like 25, or 40, or 64 or 79 it isn’t too late. Start karate, or your new career, or your new lifestyle, or your new healthy habit. Start now.

Truly, age is a number… that number may bring a little stiffness, but not so much that you  want to be paired against it on sparring day!

Butt-kicking Great-Grandma

Don’t mess with Granny… Seriously, that’s a warning.

I am so grateful for and proud of my mom. The wisdom she shows me by living her life fills me with joy I can’t express. A happy mom makes a happy daughter… I am truly, truly a lucky girl.

*Photos in this post were taken by one of my awesome sisters (Jane) and distributed to me via another awesome sister (Ruth) – thank you both so much for keeping us updated on Mom’s karate!!



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A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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2 Responses to At 80 years old…

  1. gwenbrass says:

    Your mom sounds amazing! But then I would expect that since she made an amazing daughter.

  2. Love this, Vicky. Your mama rocks!

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