2013 – New Year, New Things for the Farm

Please help me welcome the newest guests at the Little Brown Farm!

Crate full of Love!

We welcome 3 beautiful little boer bucklings to the Little Brown Farm in 2013. They came home with us from Friday Creek Farm on New Years Day!

Unfortunately, I’ve had a cold and been sick (spending plenty of time with these guys trying to make me feel better), so I haven’t been able to share these lovely babies with the world yet! Now that I’m well, here they are:

baby goats 3

baby goats 3

I’ve tried to get some pictures, but mostly they look like this… Or this:

baby goats 3?

baby goats 3?

There are 3 boys, the youngest is the almost all black guy (he has a few white hairs by his tail).  I think he’s beautiful, I can just watch him for hours. He’s gorgeous and graceful… and very hard to catch a good photo of. I was thinking Black Beauty for a name, but I need something more caprine and less equine.

A raspberry for you!

Black Beauty

Here's your close-up!

I'm gorgeous and I know it!

The second is a big boy, middle baby of 3 boys with a luxurious cape and an insignia on his head like a super hero. We think we need a suitable name for a Superhero… maybe Bruce?

Supergoat about to launch

Do you know who has my phone booth?

That isn't a Bat Cave I smell!

He's right, fingers don't have milk! Grrrrr.

The third little charmer boy has a charmed life. It started tough as the youngest of 3 boys. He was born tiny and his mom was distracted with the older boys. He nearly died. His humans (Wendy & Bill) found him just in the nick of time, warmed him up and saved his life! We are so grateful for other wonderful goat-stewards… and these folks are top notch.  He is quite the little charm, although he’s growing like a weed!

I'm telling you, me first, THEN you.

Baby Charmer Standing Proud

You know you'll love me... you didn't want to do it...

Come by the Farm Store this weekend. From noon to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday we will have the boys down there to meet you. If you want to participate in their bottles, the only time they eat while we are open is at 12:30. There are only 3 bottles. If you want to help, you can… but you’d better get here at noon!

We could use some help with naming ideas and they could always use some ‘socializing specialists’ (baby snugglers!).

We look forward to seeing you!


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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4 Responses to 2013 – New Year, New Things for the Farm

  1. Deb South says:

    The babies are beautiful. I think the black one could be named Capt. Black Jack or Ebony. It usually takes me a while to name my kids. I wait to see what jumps out at me as to what to call them by.

  2. Tammy Malfatti says:

    They’re beautiful. How about Storm Cloud (black), Lightning (superhero), and Milk Caramel (charmed)?

  3. Gillian Marrah says:

    They each have such presence and personality. Black Buckie ?

  4. Kathy Maxwell says:

    The third little guy’s picture makes him look like he has a tuxedo on. Maybe an Oscar as that’s what he has his tuxedo on for.

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