What will 2013 bring?

What will 2013 bring?

More honest communication. Often I table or trash blog posts that talk about my frustration or anger with situations.

I post sad posts, but usually they have a happy ending.

I post about food – it’s my career now and my passion, making and consuming our amazing local bounty.

I post what I hope are motivational posts… motivating the reader to act, investigate, learn.

I post moving posts, emotions of gratitude – which I am particularly subject to… and who wouldn’t be in my lucky shoes?

I post beautiful posts, when an image captures my heart and hopefully the words can do it justice.

I post my heart, and you have been kind to receive it so well.

But I haven’t posted my occasional ranty posts. My venting posts. My move, follow or get out of the bleeping way posts. At least not really, not letting it all hang out. Yet.

In 2013 I will. I feel you deserve to know, and you might learn a little bit about why I am so grateful for the things I am, why I work so hard… and that I really am not Pollyanna.

In 2013 I will also focus more on organizing my blog better. I will focus on preparing and using my business e-newsletter list. I will teach more. I will creating more balance and reduce ‘things’ from our lives/simplify.

This year I will not be bullied.

I will try and help you, but I will not do things for you. You can take it or you can leave it.

I have learned I can do more and more good for more people by offering my assistance only to those who are willing to work and contribute themselves.

For instance: I want so badly to help grow Whidbey Island to the mecca for exquisite food it deserves to be, I can taste it! The food scene growing here is breathtakingly amazing and unique! If you want in, if you want to be part of it (and I hope you do… this is one time when “no man is an island” really is true), sign up for the Whidbey Life Magazine directory listing. If you don’t, if it isn’t worth it to you to take the 2 minutes to do that, what you’re telling me is that you are a hobbyist, and that’s okay too. But if you don’t invest a few minutes… why should others?  (Disclaimer: If you are technically challenged and can’t figure out the sign up, I will help you. If you’re not a Whidbey food producer, subscribe to WLM stay up to date!)

Whew, that was a rant… you see? This is what 2013 promises to bring. But don’t fret, it isn’t all bad. It’s just opening up another level of my heart to you. The frustration and integrity in the communication is good. I’m nervous, but I’m not scared.

I hope 2012 lived up to your hopes and dreams. I wish for you that 2013 exceeds those dreams. And I hope in some small ways to share them with you.

Happy New Year.


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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