Helping a Community Heal.

After a restless night, this morning I stood in the shower. Tears for the tragedy in Newtown, CT mingled with the warm water streaming from my shower. Confused. Helpless. Hurting for those personally touched by the tragedy, which hit closer to home than it seems an event on another coast of a huge country should.

As I stepped out of my shower a text came in my phone “Check your facebook” from a friend.

I did. While I was grieving in my shower this morning some of my fellow vendors at the Bayview Holiday Market found a way we could continue on, do what we need to for our little businesses and lives to carry on, and help.

A few rushed private messages and a plan was born. A percentage of today’s sales going to Newtown, CT Youth and Family Services.

A way to help. Small, but sincere. You can help too (click to contribute directly).

We will be carrying our contribution through the holiday season. Everything sold between now and January 1 will have a portion contributed to the grieving town’s services to help them cope with this atrocity.

You can shop today at the Market or from our Farm Store. We need your support for our business to survive, but they need your support for survival too, quite literally.

With a personal vow to enjoy this holiday season even more, cherish my family and friends more deeply, and express it more often.

This morning, reverence and compassion. At market – Holiday Spirit (Santa is coming today!) and cheese and toffee. Tomorrow, some holiday goats to make you smile.




About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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One Response to Helping a Community Heal.

  1. Dori says:

    We have such a thoughtful, generous community. {hug} See you soon.

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