Farm Geek – yes, it happens.

Some of my friends know that like to geek out on stats, which explains my addiction to the super-cool site KickTraq. I consider it a hangover from my many years in the corporate accounting world. I pay attention to things – even when it seems I’m way too busy to notice, often I do… sometimes I immediately forget and move on to the next thing but this is important, at least important enough to share with my local small-business friends.

Recently my new website has had a lot of activity, yeah, no news… that is expected for a new site. However, the places sending people to my website IS news.

The number one referrer is Facebook (it isn’t news that I need to find a 12-step program for Facebook addiction).

Second highest referrer is Whidbey Life Magazine!!! Please tell me you know what this is? A super cool little site for locals and visitors alike… even for those who have moved away and want to stay in touch with what is going on.

I just took a cheap little ad out on there for the holidays and got listed in the member directory, and it’s almost referring as much as Facebook!! AND the people are staying on my site more than twice as long! For those not paying attention – that means they’re reading it!! For the fact-addicts… 5:47min v 2:01!

Third is my blog, this one right here. Also not a surprise, I put a lot of effort and rambling into my blog. Average duration per visit from here 2:06. Congratulations, your attention span is 5 seconds longer than my average Facebook friend!

So, what does this mean? Artists, Culinary Artists, Organizations… Whidbey Life Magazine is growing and actually having tangible impact. May I suggest you get your business/talents/products listed there… soon! And for those that don’t qualify for memberships or can’t afford the free one (yes, my sarcasm is free too) – you can always subscribe to the updates – not just on facebook (but you can ‘like’ them there too – go to the link and sign up!

AND you can advertise there whether you qualify as a member or not – who is your audience? Locals? Well, doh, the whole directory is LOCALS! The news is about LOCALS! The blogs are local contributions about LOCALS!

So let’s just say you want to attract more locals to your restaurant this winter while the tourism dollars have shrunk to near non-existant. Where would you look? WLM (and if you’re listed in the directory THEY could find YOU!). How about a delivery service you want to grow to people who live here? WLM. A landscaping service for property owners here? WLM. Tree removal service? WLM. Yep, if your target is locals… WLM has them for you. A few thousand views a week.

This little-big project is growing, and it needs to continue to grow, with your membership, your activity, your participation. Have you ever wondered what the next new thing is going to be after Facebook? Well, if I was a betting girl (and I am, I’m a farmer!) I would bet that Whidbey Life Magazine is it. Local, interactive, timely. Ready to jump in the pool? You can stay in the shallow end if you want, or you can come with me – off the high dive and jump on in, the water’s fine!

So the down side. There is always a down side. There is so much information there, so much going on. Check out the calendar! So many cool things to do, classes to take shows to go see. This community is a treasure! There is enough to keep me busy all winter. And the cool guest bloggers in the Thank Blog it’s Friday section, well, they’re amazing, plenty of new interesting things to read about. (Ahem, time to do the full disclosure thing… I am one of the, er, humble guest bloggers)

To get listed in the directory for culinary (restaurants, specialty grocers, farmers, producers) or writers, musicians, performing or visual artists:

To subscribe to updates (twice a week html/links through your email, click it if you’re interested): (the blue bar on the right side – really that easy!)

You’re welcome! Hey, tell them I sent you and you’ll win a free car! Just kidding it won’t get you squat, but you could enjoy it anyway, no?

Now, back to our regularly scheduled farming… and more disclosures, I was not paid in any way shape or form for this blog – this is just from my sheer glee at the results of my stats!


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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2 Responses to Farm Geek – yes, it happens.

  1. Bob T Panda says:

    What she said..more disclosure: I write for the Thank Blog It’s Friday Blog as well, and quite frankly, we are all pretty darn good. I’m not being paid to say this stuff either. :o) Visit me at or visit the pandamonium at you know you want to, so go ahead!

  2. Yeah, as Vicky said, “Duh.” Whidbey Islanders, it’s a no brainer. Thanks, VB!

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