Fall slow down?

If you know about farming you know fall is when the fabled seasonal slow down is supposed to happen.

If you are a farmer you know that is a crock of… well, it isn’t real.

In our case our slow down of less milking, less cheesemaking, less markets is counterbalanced by less income, more mud, switching gears to winter projects, breeding season, and finishing construction.


Farm Store/Classroom

Little Brown Farm’s new Farm Store & Classroom

This means we have our Farm Store!!! And our CLASSROOM!!

Oh, and our new website so you can enroll and get directions.

Yes we did. Well, almost, there is still a few details to finish up, but we’re almost there enough that we’re opening anyway!

So to every Kickstarter Backer, every contractor and sub-contractor, every employee, every family member, every friend that supported this vision – THANK YOU!

Our Backer Bash and Grand Opening will be coming later to thank you properly, but in the meantime, I have payroll to pay, $2600 in construction costs to still cover and chairs to buy for our cheesemaking classes. Market season is all but over and we need cash flow now! The Farm Store is opening and even though the hours will be really limited to start, I hope you will come by. We will be adding new things all through this year (it’s more than just cheese!).


Garamels? Goat milk caramels (with NO corn syrup!)

Check out our new website (www.littlebrownfarm.com) for details.

Yes, on top of everything else, we just launched a new website! I thought we would sleep in November… apparently it’s been pushed back to January.

For Kickstarter Backers:

If you haven’t received your Backer rewards yet and you’re local you can pick them up at the Farm Store. Now that the rush of getting the Farm Store open is over the rest of those expecting them in the mail – they will go out early next week! If one of your rewards was a cheesemaking class, go ahead and sign up for it and put your note about being a Kickstarter Backer in the notes.

Backers get priority for class registration!


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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