The Practicality of Farming

Most people who knew me before I became a farmer really thought this crazy dream I had to open a dairy farm was impractical.

Often I received questions like “Did you grow up on a farm?” No. “Were you involved in cheesemaking growing up in Wisconsin?” No. “Do you have a degree in microbiology?” No, something if I had known I was going to end up doing this I would have pursued (as well as my DVM).

Surely going from shopping at Nordstrom, vacationing internationally, working in temperature controlled offices with staff and cleaning services to farming seemed a bit, um, rash. But I assure you it wasn’t.

Consider this. There are two things I wanted growing up. 1) to be a vet… until I learned they have to operate on animals and sometimes they die, and 2) a baby elephant.

Now, consider this… I gave up on one of those childhood dreams.

So I ask you again. A goat farm? A dairy? A creamery?


Yukatat and the herd out grazing


A baby elephant?

National Geographic - Baby Asian Elephant

National Geographic – Baby Asian Elephant

NOW which decision seems rash?

Now that I have terrified my poor husband, I will head to bed happy… knowing that paint fumes can make me dream my childhood dreams, and grateful that when I clean the pen on Sunday I only have goat poop to worry about!


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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3 Responses to The Practicality of Farming

  1. Joanie H says:

    Oh, how you make me smile. Glad you chose goats too. I realize the practicalities of my “farm dream” seem crazy to everyone too and I’m still heading toward them. You inspire me and I keep praying blessings upon you!

  2. LOLOL. Good for you! I’m still wishing you were selling your cheese in Canada! So hard to find goat cheese in my region, anyway. :o(

  3. patriciajeanduff says:


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