An Incubator – not just any old warm place

An Incubator.

It’s a place where fertilized eggs are kept until they hatch. On a farm it can look like this:

McMurray Hatchery mini dome incubator

OR like this:

Commercial Egg Incubator *Made In China*

Commercial Egg Incubator *Made In China*

On a smaller, family farm it most often looks like this:

Little Brown Farm chickens

Two of our Delaware hens from our old chicken/egg days (circa 2008)

For humans it can look like this:

Pregnant woman

Pregnant woman

For dogs:

Pregnant Maggie

Maggie, 3 days before puppies arrived

You get the point.

But ideas have incubators too. Often ideas begin in one person, but don’t have the missing parts to fertilize it so it can grow.

Sometimes the idea becomes fertilized and grows to become a plan, but it needs an incubator to grow into itself.

I often think of sites like or as incubators for ideas. These are places where someone’s brilliant idea for a movie, an album, a book, a classroom can come to see if the community would support it. Will the community reach in their pockets $10-25 at a time (although those big donors REALLY make things exciting!) to incubate the idea?

Often individuals or teams go to these forums for support because traditional lending, grant, investor groups, or business models won’t work. The people who use these forums are consistently one of two types. Freeloaders that just want people to finance their fun (very, very small percentage and usually weaned out by the organization) or creative souls that are looking for a way to fulfill a dream and inviting you to be a part of it.

Most of the campaigns I’ve seen would/will happen anyway. These aren’t people begging for money, they are inviting YOU to join them in the pursuit and fruition of their passion. How cool is that???

If every passionate person invited you along for the ride, how fulfilled could we be? The athletes that recently competed in the Olympics did it… how excited did you get at some of those finish lines? You did nothing but turn on the tv. They did the work. They did the training, the diet, the travel, the sacrifice… but they invited YOU along for the ride, to share in those tear-stained moments on the podium. This is what society needs more of. Not “our” society, or “their” society… ALL of society.

Passionate people, willing to invite others along for the ride = large groups of happy, fulfilled, connected individuals.

In full disclosure, I am writing this blog from a unique perspective. I have had a successful Kickstarter campaign (and should be writing out my individual “thank you’s” instead of this blog!). I opened our business plan up to community involvement and they jumped in! It wasn’t easy… it still isn’t (my body is aching from painting and I am still negotiating red-tape for the classes we want to offer), but I am propelled years ahead in my vision by community… by individuals… by many of you reading this now.

So, thank you. Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart. You have made a difference.

Don’t be afraid, the passions are worth supporting. You see someone dare to put together a campaign (yes it takes SERIOUS guts to do this – if the amount of flak I took from friends, family and strangers that were annoyed at my ‘freeloading’ and ‘begging’ is any measuring stick), support them. Give what you can, seriously even a single dollar makes a difference. People running these campaigns count the number of “backers” to get them through to the next day. There is no “too small” amount. Click and share, click and share, click and share… and contribute what you can. Be part of the community, part of the passion, part of the project.

Here is my current favorite project:

Your Brain on Pandas: Book 1 of The Panda Chronicles

Go check it out – there are only 3 days left and there are some sweet rewards!


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A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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