Market Pizza – dinner and dessert

I’m trying a new thing. Market meals on my blog.

It goes like this. Every week I look at the market (since I’m there anyway hawking my cheese) and see what is coming in to season. Because I love to eat but have almost no time for cooking this time of year, most of the recipes are bound to be simple and quick. Often I know what I want to do when I see the tomato or basil, or… sometimes I rely on some of my other vendors to give me ideas on what to do with whatever was too delicious to pass up.

This week we have a joint effort meal that turned into a delightful, healthy, amazing meal.

And it started like this: 

Market dinner

Beginnings of a Market Dinner

 We made pizza. Using Tree-Top Baking pizza dough (because as simple as pizza dough is – I don’t have time or it turns out like flavorless flops ruining my gorgeous fresh ingredients I top it with). For the pizzas I used their wheat dough.

For a sauce I used a huge heirloom tomato from Bur Oak Acres, fresh basil from Molly’s Island Garden and garlic from Willowood Farm.

Basil Garlic Tomato

Market Basil Garlic Tomato – heavenly no matter how it’s prepared!

In my Cook on Clay platter I drizzled a little olive oil, placed on it about 1/4” thick slices of the delicious looking tomato and then sprinkled on top some finely diced garlic (if I had a garlic press I probably would have used it). I drizzled a little more olive oil on top and placed it on the top rack of my oven on broil. I did add some little gold tomatoes too, for color. In about 15 minutes they had cooked sufficiently that I could just stir it all together with a spatula and place it on my stretched pizza dough.

Because I had added oil to the tomatoes there was no need to oil the dough. If you wanted to just use slices of tomato on the dough you could skip the broiling step and just place the same ingredients directly on the stretched pizza dough.

On top of the rich, red sauce I added coarsely chopped basil, and generous torn pieces of spinach (darn, I don’t remember from where – Pam’s Produce or Molly’s probably).



Then I did my favorite part, I grated a 4 oz package of our Saratoga Satin and cubed about 2 oz of Little Brown Farm Pheta and piled them on top.

Little Brown Farm Cheeses

Little Brown Farm Cheeses

Remember that warm oven, still hot from the broiling? After the broiling I preheat it to 550F with my pizza stone in the oven. Now is the time I bring the temp back down to 425F and slide this delicious concoction onto the searing hot stone. Flour and/or corn meal are your friends here. If your dough is too loaded and too sticky getting your beautiful pizza to the hot stone is practically impossible.

You could prepare your pizza on the cold stone and put it in the hot oven, but I never get the crispy crust I’m looking for with that method.

Let your pizza cook until the cheese melts and begins to brown – 15-20 minutes depending on your oven. The crust should be nice and crispy on the bottom.

Market Pizza

Market Pizza

So, what to do while your dinner is cooking? Well, no meal is complete without dessert.

Tree Top Baking also makes wonderful white pizza dough, while I prefer the heartier wheat on my pizza – this dough makes a lovely, more traditional pizza too. However, for those of you who know me – traditional isn’t my thing.

So, that lovely white pizza dough, add a heaping tablespoon of honey to it… this will make it messy… remember that “flour is your friend” comment earlier – it is especially so now. Gently knead the honey in and then let the dough sit for a few minutes to rest (it will start to rise again). Cut the dough into 4 approximately equal pieces. Spread the dough thin like you would for mini, personal pizzas.

Once you have your dough spread out, decide on your sweet inside treats.

We did the following:

1)  2 teaspoons Raspberry Chocolate jam from Camp Robber Jam

      Donut peach sliced into about ¼” wedges (about ½ + peach)

      Raspberries (just 2-3 berries)

      2 teaspoons of Caprine Cream Chèvre

Dessert - Amazing-ness

2)    2 teaspoons Raspberry Chocolate jam from Camp Robber Jam

Peach sliced in thin wedges (about 3-4 slices, ¼ peach)

Blueberries (6-8 berries)

2 teaspoons of Caprine Cream Chèvre



 3)    1 tablespoon Blackberry Honey from Island Apiaries

Donut peach sliced into about ¼” wedges (about ½ + peach)

Blackberries fresh from local bushes (3-4 berries)

2 teaspoons of Caprine Cream Chèvre

Honey & Berries

Honey & Berries (aka Bear Food)

 4)    1 tablespoon Triple Berry Sauce from 3 Generations

Donut peach sliced into about ¼” wedges (about ½ + peach)

A raspberry, 2 blackberries and 3 blueberries

2 teaspoons of Caprine Cream Chèvre

Triple Berry Syrup

Triple Berry Syrup

You can layer the ingredients and make it like a pizza or place your ingredients all to one side, fold the dough back onto itself and use your fork to seal it (or use something like the fun red tool we show in the pic) – making it a stuffed dessert.

Cook on Clay Flameware

Cook on Clay Flameware

 (love, love, LOVE my Cook on Clay – this cleans up SO easily!)

We made it into the delightful pocket and then topped them with a heaping teaspoon of Little Brown Farm Caprine Cream Chèvre whipped with Island Apiaries honey.






If I can give you one hint – if you think you don’t like peaches, try donut peaches. If you like peaches, try cooking desserts with donut peaches – they stay whiter, firmer and they are sweet and DELICIOUS!!

The other thing we learned, having prepared jams/syrups that are locally made with ingredients we recognize made the world of difference in prep time. I could have hacked something together, but THIS made it take all of about 10 minutes to put the 4 different desserts together.

I should mention that before I put them in the oven I either drizzled honey or syrup or jam on the top of each of them… it was a good call – they were almost not sweet enough. If I had served them with ice cream, open face and à la mode style, I wouldn’t have needed that extra boost. I could have also added more jam/honey/syrup inside.

A pastry crust would have been even better. But being able to buy the crust and just sweeten it a bit saved me time and frustration (because yes, my pastry crust would have flopped and wasted all the decadent ingredients). And it was still ridiculously delicious.

Now for the honest eating part… ONE of these desserts would be enough for two people. The fact that my husband and I ate 3 of them at one time (1 ½ each) says more about how delicious they were. The fact that we saved one for the next day and ate it chilled (STILL delicious!) was simply a testament to the human limits of consumption.

Your market shopping list for 2-4 people:

  • 2 pizza dough packages (1 for pizza, 1 for dessert)
  • 1 jumbo heirloom tomato or 2-3 normal size
  • Basil
  • Garlic
  • Spinach
  • Approx. 4 oz Saratoga Satin (or any melty cheese – we used Caprizella on the sausage pizza)
  • Approx. 3 oz Pheta (get a larger package and you can make the apricot dish I linked to also)
  • Small container or Caprine Cream Chèvre  (or a large and add some to your pizza or appetizers)
  • If you’re not sticking vegetarian, you could get some meat. We got some amazing lamb sausage from Glendale Shepherds for our second pizza night.
  • Small jar of Blackberry Honey from Island Apiaries (or get a large one and stock up)
  • Fresh berries (pick your favorite – we were lucky to have raspberries, blackberries and blueberries – we had strawberries too but I got distracted and forgot to use them!)
  • Jam or Syrup from 3 Generations (Langley or Bayview) or Camp Robber Jam (Mercer Island) – they can help recommend the best based upon your tastes and your fruit selection.
  • Donut peaches – other peaches are awesome and I love my grilled big peaches – but wow those donuts came through for me in this dessert!!!

Your shopping will leave you plenty of goodies left for a spinach frittata or salad and honey and jam and syrup to add to plenty of other dishes… or toast… or cheese.

These items are readily available in season at Bayview, Coupeville (get your pizza dough from bayleaf), and Mercer Island Farmers Markets. Many of the items are available at the Langley Second Street Market.


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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  1. Bob T Panda says:

    This is a great idea, both the recipes/ menus themselves, and that you are including them. Well done …and CALL ME next time you whip up these desserts, darn it!

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