It’s ON! …Like Donkey Kong!

I have a dear friend, well technically 2 (they are a lovely couple, David and Mollyshannon), that has a business I love, Island Apiaries (

Honey! Honey! Honey! (and other cool stuff)

Island Apiaries – where bees are happy and honey is delicious!

Their business is Island Apiaries and they recently received enough votes from the community to apply for an awesome Mission: Small Business ( grant. I am crossing fingers, toes, anything in hopes of them getting the grant (and it’s not too late to go to the site and show your support).

I want to see their business grow and thrive… really, I do and I am committed to it, and just for the record this lovely couple is ridiculously committed to our success as well.

After witnessing my daughter help me at markets (she is TOTALLY awesome), David asked if I would mind if he hired Christine to help with some of his markets.

My babygirl at Queen Anne Farmers Market

My awesomesauce daughter, Christine at Queen Anne Farmers Market

I thought it was a lovely idea. My amazing daughter, their amazing products… and seriously, I pay her a wedge of Caprizella and one of his Honey Sticks for her help with markets… it would be much better for her to actually get paid! And, she’s already a HUGE fan of their products.

So, now it happened. The first market he is going to employ my daughter… tomorrow. Bayview Farmers Market. 10am-2pm. When she is NORMALLY helping ME!!

So, it’s ON.

If you know our family, you know we can have a healthy (or maybe a little more than healthy) level of competitiveness.

My daughter, Christine. Me. Both working the same market. She has honey and other awesome honey, wax, etc. related products. I have cheese and yogurt.

Whoever sells more tomorrow wins… with a bonus prize to be determined later (probably involving some of Sweet Mona’s* salted caramels!) for the person with the most referrals to the other booth (offseting those sales for the competition – in other words, if you come to me and tell me Christine sent you over, whatever you buy doesn’t count in the sales competition!)

So, what do we win? Well, Christine feeds the baby bottles twice a day almost every day. If (that is a BIG IF) she wins, I will feed bottles for her for one whole day… letting her sleep in, lounge around for at least a few extra hours. But if I win??? If I win she will work a Langley Market without me… I will get a Friday afternoon off (and maybe if we can make arrangements with our Amazing Anna, maybe even turn it into a date night with my hubby!!).

So, bring your wallets, bring your checkbooks, bring your cards. Come to Bayview Farmers Market tomorrow (10am-2pm), stock up. Get your honey, your candles, your balms and your cheese and yogurt.

I have already won, I get to spend every day with my lovely, amazing, remarkable daughter… but let’s see who gets bragging rights for tomorrow!!

Boss's Daughter

Boss’s Daughter

Oh, and Happy upcoming 4th of July – please keep your blowy-up-crap away from our farm, all of our goats and sheep and other critters appreciate you showing a little restraint.  If you NEED to blow stuff up, I understand, I really do (I was young and dumb once too, you’ll grow out of it eventually). Just please limit it to the 4th of July. Anyone blowing stuff up in our neighborhood on other days will be greeted with my grizzly ‘Momma Bear’ concerned for my flock… and trust me, I’m pretty scary when protecting my charges.

*Sweet Mona’s ( is an amazing sweet shop in downtown Langley, where my daughter ALSO works in addition to her farm work and help at markets!! Did I mention how much I love this outstanding young lady?!?!?


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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2 Responses to It’s ON! …Like Donkey Kong!

  1. David Neel says:

    While I would love for you to get a VERY well deserved and VERY overdue day off, I feel that your lovely daughter is a shoe in to win this one!
    Thanks so much for the kind words. Being a part of the wonderful artisan farming community here on Whidbey really makes it a wonderful place to live. I am just happy that I am able to play a small part. Thank you also for all the people you referred to my Mission Small business campaign. I did reach my 250 goal and am only 3 votes away fro the 300 mark! I think I will hit or surpass 300 before the voting ends tomorrow.

  2. I loved reading this post (I am friends of Mollyshannon from way back), and it made me want to plan a getaway to Whidbey Island very soon! This sounds like a delicious market, and I love the healthy family competition – I wish I could be there to see the outcome!


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