Kickstarter Success!!!

Sweet success. The day before yesterday a remarkable odd amount pledge put us exactly $1 over our goal amount. The sweet soul that made the ‘tipping point’ pledge is the proud, hard-working owner of Whidbey Green Goods… constantly striving to find the best local groceries and goodies for you, and then delivering them to your door (!

We funded with 26 hours to spare and in that last day or so we had even more pledges come in, allowing us to be able to pay for about half of the new fencing we need in addition to the new cave and classroom and farm store!

We are indeed feeling embraced by our community, our family, our friends.  We had a total of 273 backers, each one from $1 to $2,000 (and reward gifts!) just as valuable at getting us to our goal!

We have had amazing community support, in addition to pledges that came through from the first hour to the last minute.

Our fellow farmers kicked in:

David Neel of Island Apiaries ( offered not only honey as a reward for all pledges over a specific amount, but your own beehive and private beekeeping lessons for the 2013 season!

Sarah Richards, from Lavender Wind Farm ( offered a weekend during peak season on her breathtaking farm.

Georgie Smith, from Willowood Farm ( offered 10 bags of their famous heirloom Rockwell Beans.

Our fellow artists kicked in:

Anne Belov offered not only her patient and expert Kickstarter and editorial skills for our entire project, but an ORIGINAL Anne Belov cartoon from Your Brain on Pandas ( (the first time one has ever left her collection!).

Woody Morris from Waterscapes LLC offered an Address Stone or Pet Memorial Marker

Cook on Clay Flameware Pottery ( artists Robbie Lobell and Maryon Attwood gave one of their 2 quart casserole/stovetop pots, which was claimed almost immediately.  

Sue Taves, both amazing artist and amazing sister, contributed a bronze sculpture “She Decides” to the rewards. (By the way, she has a sale going on right now too

Community organizations kicked in too:

Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival offered 20 tickets to their annual event that sold out last year!

Even an amazing local chef and restaurateur kicked in:

Chef Gordon (from Gordon’s on Blueberry Hill – you know that AMAZING place in Freeland?) contributed the unique and special experience to come into a backer’s home and prepare dinner for up to 8 ridiculously lucky individuals. An actual teaching dinner party too, with plenty of cheese and entertainment!

And our friend and pet/farm-sitter kicked in:

Kassandra contributed 3 nights of FREE farm/pet/house sitting to one lucky backer. Kassandra took care of our farm when Maggie had her puppies (at 5 weeks) when we had to leave the farm for a family emergency.

And last but certainly not least, and not as a reward, but to benefit our actual project:

Our wonderful contractor let us know that inspired by all this community support, he is cutting his fee in HALF! (That is approx. $500 savings!)

We are blessed indeed. Lucky, grateful and anxious to begin!

Our wonderful contractor, we spoke of just a paragraph above, has already pulled the permits for our project! We are on our way. As soon as the Kickstarter project funds so we have our resources, the construction will begin!

And pictures and updates and videos will follow. Thank you so much for joining us and backing us as we embark on this journey of fulfilling even more dreams!

With love and gratitude…

Your dream-chaser,

Vicky Brown

Chief Milkmaid

Hoofprints on my heart

Little Brown Farm
Hoofprints on my heart


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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One Response to Kickstarter Success!!!

  1. Bob T Panda says:

    Huzzah! Congratulations on your funding. I should point out, for the lucky winner of the panda kindergarten cartoon, that there is NO EVIDENCE that the panda kindergarten can ‘leave the page’ and run amok in your house. Just thought you might want to be prepared, ‘just in case.’

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