They say it takes a village… look at what these community members have done!

What would you think about being on an Island in the Puget Sound, having a dinner prepared by one of the finest and most engaging Chefs around (while he taught you all his tips and tricks)? All while you enjoyed some local pairings and a cheese platter from the only creamery on the Island.

What if you don’t live here and you want to spend a weekend here during peak season at the most amazing lavender farm you could imagine?

Or how about treating your family to a meal made with famous heirloom Rockwell beans?

Or enjoying some honey? Or maybe getting your own honey… learning how to keep your own hive and getting it set up for you?

How about some original art work? Two amazing local artists in different mediums have offered up some of their work. (Valued at thousands of dollars!!!) This is the equivalent of me giving up a few batches of cheese… this is HUGE. I could say more about it, but I think it’s better if you go look for yourselves before I start snorfulling again.

Not enough? How about a reliable, knowledgeable farm/pet/house-sitter? Or an amazing clay pot from Cook on Clay Flameware Pottery?

Still not enough to entice you to participate in our Kickstarter, really?

How about tickets to the Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival in 2013? This event sold out last year. If you love cheese, there is no excuse (except for the sold out bit) for you to not attend this incredible event celebrating Washington’s cheesemakers!

Still not enough?

How about because it will really make a difference? A difference in an impactful way to keep a little creamery on a rural Island in the Puget Sound sustainable, and help us to be able to pursue our passions of caring for our animals properly, making fine cheeses and teaching and reaching out to connect the community with their food.

Still not enough?

You tell me… what is it we are missing? I have 6 days to figure it out and I’m willing to learn. We want to be successful, meaning we want to be able to not lose the farm working 20 hour days 7 days a week providing cheese and education (and entertainment, and ‘goat therapy’ – don’t knock it until you tried it!)… basically doing what we love. We don’t mind the hard work, but our resources are finite.

This is all my take on it… some other locals have written about us too… check these blogs out.

and my own blog about this topic written earlier in the project campaign:

It doesn’t take much, but it does take your action NOW. A pledge, small or large makes a difference. Spreading the word… send the link to our Kickstarter, or to one of these blogs or tweet them, or email them. Get the word out. It turns out we have a community, we need a crowd to join us and become part of our community!  

Thank you!!

Your sincere, grateful, and exhausted Chief Milkmaid,

Vicky Brown


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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