Very, Very Punny (or Whey Funny?)

Ready for some fun?

We all know it isn’t fun to be out there asking for money… even when it’s for a good cause, and even when there are kickass rewards… and even when there are oodles of baby goats and lambs for entertainment value… and even when the ethical value of the proposition is beyond reproach… it is still challenging.

So, how about adding some fun? …Ready?

The Little Brown Farm’s first Annual Cheesy Puntastic Contest.

The why: On our farm we are often overtired and overworked (okay, that part is just an excuse, we do it when we are rested too), so when it comes to cheese make days and market packing days whey puns and cheesy jokes are our main source of communication and entertainment. This comedy gold (or rusty nails) should not be wasted on us alone.

The what: We want your puns and your cheesy one-liners (we may accept longer cheesy jokes if they are a) about cheese, goats, farming and b) really funny). Mostly so we can laugh until we cry and our stomach hurts… but we have other reasons too. We will actually accept your humor about anything; you just won’t win if it doesn’t somehow tie into what we do.

The how: Submit your puns/jokes/one-liners to us via email/facebook/twitter ( / / @littlebrownfarm). Include your name and contact information (those can be sent privately on facebook or twitter methods or just included in your email). This info will be used for both crediting you with the submission and getting your reward to you if you win!

The who: You! Even if you don’t want us to publish your real name when you win, give us your nom de plume (just make sure I know your real name too). If you think you’re not funny, think again… we tell some whey bad jokes in the cheese room. You don’t have to be Ellen DeGeneres… just funny enough to think life is worth laughing at.

Send the link to this blog: To your friends. Let them get in on the fun. Surely you have at least 2-3 people in your contacts that think they’re clever and are always making you giggle. Send it on. Get the whole community involved… what is the worst thing that could happen? A few more smiles in the grocery store?

The when: Starting… NOW! Through May 21, 2012 11:59pm. I know that is a short amount of time, but really, you should have 3-4 puns on the tip of your tongue right now. This date is picked to coincide with our Kickstarter . This will be an annual event, but this year it’s a Kickstarter event. Winners will be announced on May 23.  

The prizes: The prizes are to be determined. In part because we are counting on our Kickstarter funding to send some items to print. If we don’t fund, those items won’t be available, but we already have back-ups in the works. Sorry we can’t promise the prizes yet… but have I ever let you down? Besides, if the Kickstarter doesn’t fund, I will need some serious cheering up… can you think of a better way than having hundreds of puns in my email? Participate, and share this contest! (send this link:

We will have at least 5 levels of prizes… so think hard.  You can win up to 2 prizes, but not all 5. We are toying with 2 additional levels of prizes, but it will depend on how much participation we get.

There is no entry fee. There are no shipping costs (but we will need your address for shipping unless you’re local – these are real prizes, not just some pdf file in your inbox). The puns will be duplicated and maybe even some of the cheesy jokes… the first one to submit it(based upon time-stamps, not necessarily when I see it) is the one who gets the credit for it.  There is no arguing with the final results.

There are 2 judges (with a mystery judge if needed for tie-breakers). It will be Tom and me. And yes, we accept bribes, but our judgment will not be swayed by them (unless it’s a Kickstarter pledge in excess of $5,000 – then you automatically win no matter how punny you are).

So be clever, kick up the humor a notch and have a gouda time doing it!

Whisper says...

How about a warm up for the contest: Label this picture…

*legal disclaimer: We have sought no legal advice to disclaim here. If we are breaking a thousand laws, we are sorry… or your laws are stupid. Either way, we will try to repent and fix it if you make us aware of it, please don’t send us to prison for operating an illegal pun contest.


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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5 Responses to Very, Very Punny (or Whey Funny?)

  1. Deb South says:

    I’m just a melon-collic kind a gal.

  2. Hope says:

    What a “Carrotcture” she is.

  3. If ewe aren’t already buying your cheese at Little Brown Farm, then your missing out. It is the best a-round, no kidding.

    Hay you! why aren’t you at Little Brown farm, sampling cheese, cuddling baby goats and having a whey good time?

    Come help us feed baby goats, your kids and our kids will love it.

    Come to Little Brown Farm; Expose yourself to some culture.

    Come on, lend us a hoof! Buy our cheese, support our kickstarter, spread the word!

    I have oh so many many more somewhere in my brain, but that is all I can come up with at 8am. 🙂

  4. What lives in a haunted cheese cave? Muensters.

    And I’m sure I’ll come up with more. Give me time. *nods*

  5. Apparently the comment system ate mine. *sighs*


    What lives in a haunted cheese cave? Muensters.

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