Never a dull moment!

Something is always happening on the farm.

It reminds me of one of my mother’s favorite sayings. Living in a busy household where 8 kids were in varying stages of passing from youth to maturity, she would often say “Never a dull moment.” Sometimes in response to things, sometimes just under her breath almost as if offering up a desperate prayer.

I find myself sometimes, when faced with overwhelming challenges at the farm running my memory tape of my mother saying “Never a dull moment!” in her sing-songy Minnesota accent with the uptick at the end. Sometimes I even take a break and call her just to hear it in person.


My wonderful mother, getting to meet the babies under Gabriel's watchful eye.

Today’s news is joyous, not bad… my daughter is coming to stay!

As a victim of the hard economic times, she has been working 2 jobs trying her best to scrape by in Southern California. It just isn’t enough. There is no way she can ever keep up with the unending stream of expenses that roll in, wave after wave. I am heartbroken for her and proud of her maturity in handling the situation.

We don’t have much here and we will now be stretching it further. I am grateful it is ‘market season’ and soon we will need less of our household money to operate the farm. We can cover the increase of expenses. Two months ago that wasn’t the situation.

My babygirl, who I miss daily, who I love more than space, is coming home.

Never a dull moment.

Christine and babies

Christine and her 'charges' - some of the babies she raised up

An extra hand to help with bottle feedings, a lovely backup person to help at markets, and able body to assist around the farm… and more important than any of those… my daughter, in my arms, getting smothered in hugs until she makes me stop.

The part of me that is sad for her just keeps getting stomped by my feet doing the ‘happy dance’ every time I think of it. Tom, who is also excited about it, may just wear his noise-canceling headset 24/7 for the next few days to drown out some of the constant ‘squee’ outbursts I’m powerless to control.

Welcome home Christine. I love you.

Christine and Snooze

Taking a break from the dairy construction, Christine always made time for loving the babies.

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About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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2 Responses to Never a dull moment!

  1. Dori says:

    My son is heading home again, too, Vicky, for very much the same reason. I’m sad for him, happy for me. It’s an emotional tug-o-war, to be sure.

    • I think our kids are lucky, to have parents they can ‘come home’ to, that want them there and can provide a safe haven. I think of all the kids facing the same issues without the same support system and it makes my heart ache… even worse is many of these kids do have the same support system but for some reason they feel they don’t. Loving your child is a lucky blessing, your child knowing you love them is one hundred thousand times that blessing.

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