Inspiration – even when you don’t need it

Sometimes inspiration comes in the funniest packages, at the most unexpected times, when you need it the most.

Today I had a dose of inspiration.

After lunch today we had literally more than 20 people at the farm, and we still got amazing things done.  9 babies (8 goats, 1 lamb) moved off to their new homes. 3 baby goats graduated to the Kid-ergarten (if you don’t know what this is, you really need to check out the Facebook videos!). 10 kids got bottlefed. 5 goats got disbudded. Caprine Cream Chevre got finished and put away for tomorrow’s packaging. I got to visit although short in time, poignantly with 5 very special friends (more if you count their family members). Evening feeding and waters got done.

I know a few other things got done, but I’m not even sure how to explain the tasks in a few words.

I wasn’t expecting to be inspired, I don’t think I was even ‘needing’ it. Everything was going fine, I was in my element. Goats, cheese, baby goats and awesome visitors (all visitors are not created equal). Inspiration happened… I didn’t even notice it at first.

During dinner I sat down and roamed on Facebook while I did my daily download of all the photos and videos of the day from my phone to my computer.

While enjoying my mostly-local dinner with contributions from Scotty’s Farm to Market and bayleaf (and some awesome pico sauce from Anna!), I started clicking through the pictures.

There it was. The photo. The inspiration.

The reason I was feeling so good was the connection I had made with some visitors to the farm, both last night and this afternoon – it was almost exactly the same feeling. Young people (with parents eagerly participating too), asking questions about goats, learning about cheese, INTERESTED in our food system. Well, they didn’t know it was ‘our food system’ they were asking about. That is the beauty of our farm. It isn’t a textbook. It isn’t a professor. It is cute, adorable animals, working livestock that love affection, and hardworking people who are passionate about what they are doing… and willing to share.  Like it or not, these kids (and their adults!) are learning.

HaHa!! I am a sneak attack teacher!!! Bwahahahahaha! Now I have a name for it too!

If you want to see the picture that inspired this… You’re going to have to click through to our Kickstarter  to see it. (Yeah, sneak attack teacher, sneaky make-you-click-through blogger… doesn’t have quite the same ring!)

We changed the page and a bit of our overview and story. I hope you enjoy the change… and if you do, and pledge $25 there is an awesome reward in store for you (read on the right side of the Kickstarter page for the details!).

We could really use support on our Kickstarter Project – even a $1 pledge lets us know you’re there (you won’t be the only one!) – and ‘kicks’ up our contributor number.

My favorite rewards are the cheese classes, but for $25, the market bag… I think that should be a must-have for those who love to shop fresh local market! If we fund we are shipping a few of these abroad! (Which hopefully you know about Kickstarter, if we don’t fund, aka reach our goal in pledges, nobody gets charged a penny. No pledges mature into contributions… and nobody gets their rewards .)

Why you do it doesn’t matter, it can be for the rewards, it can be just because you can, it can be because you feel strongly inspired to help us achieve our goals (and a combination).

We are grateful to have your support… and grateful for your patience while I prattle on and on about our Kickstarter Project… but have you watched the video and SEEN what we are trying to do? It’s friggin amazing!!!!


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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