The 28 waves of peace on the farm:

Kickstarter, kickstarter make me a kick. Find me a fund, Catch me a match… or something like that.

Whether we fund successfully or not, there are a few things that I’m grateful to Kickstarter for already.

This has been a tough week. We have experienced more loss on our farm this year than any other prior. We have a sick doe, which drains my energy worse than anything else. The hours spent caring for her on top of the already huge, long days on the farm are exhausting, but carrying the worry for her with me every minute of the day is depleting of body and spirit.

Melody Maker - soaking in the heat lamp

Melody Maker - soaking in the heat lamp (early labor... midnight)

During this troublesome week, I have had people ask me for free wool, free animals, free services, etc.

During this troublesome week, I have had vet bills, payroll, supplies for cheesemaking and market, a mortgage payment and feed bill due (and all of our other normal bills).

The problem is I don’t like to say ‘no,’ I love to teach and to help and find it remarkably fulfilling. I just hate when people take advantage of it. So I’m at a war with myself. I am exhausted and stressed and worried and I can’t make the peace come. My husband suffers, I suffer, my friends suffer, my herd suffers. And still there is no peace.


I look at my kickstarter page. At first, I’m disappointed, coming from an already dark place, the first thing I notice is that our pledges haven’t budged in 3 days. The spiral continues.


I look at the number. Not the $2,396 pledged or the $21,500 goal. But the number above that. 28! 28 people, some I know, some I don’t, have said… “you are worth it. Your vision is worth it and we pledge to support you.”

I had 6 people (and a sick goat) get me down this week… while I have 28 lifting me up!!!

28. Even if I didn’t get another pledge (but I really want to fund, so if you haven’t, please do!), 28 people are enough to hold me up… and the peace rushed in and washed over me.

Rest will come. Kickstarter, in spite of itself, has brought me more today than I ever considered it could.

Thank you. And to my 28, who have pledged from $1 to $500, YOU are amazing, thank you!

Requisite kickstarter plug:  (go, watch the 2 cool videos with baby goats playing, like them, share them, pledge!!)


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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4 Responses to The 28 waves of peace on the farm:

  1. I like to call them “the Kickstarter doldrums” (with my vast experience in things kickstarter) They will pass. Just keep letting folks know it’s out there, wanting to support you.

  2. Erica Gerston says:

    Curious what is covered in the cheese class, I am going to support your kickstarter fund and would love to take a class from you as wells was considering upping my pledge. I’ve been making fresh cheeses pretty successfully and am interested in taking it to the next level. Looking forward to being backer number 29!

    • The home cheesemaking class will be all fresh cheeses.
      The full day will be the best for covering pressed and aged cheeses (including a personal favorite – bloomy rinds!). Full day classes will actually be split into 2 different styles so you would be able to select the one that most suits what you want to learn!
      Thank you!!!

  3. It’s so frustrating when people ask you for free things, and yet infinitely difficult to say no. People who work in the food industry and health industry are especially at risk I believe. I worked hard to produce/learn/make x, y, z and I can’t just give that all to you for free because I happen to know you! Stay strong, your cheese/wool/animals are worth something!

    That’s totally one of my biggest pet peeves.

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