Be the Bear (aka Dream a little dream)

BE the Bear (copyright/tm/etc. – Your Brian on Pandas aka Bob T. Panda aka Anne Belov)

One of my favorite blogs in the inter-world-web is

I have a few reasons, but the main one is that whenever I need a pick-me-up, a snicker, a chuckle or a giggle, I can count on it. If there isn’t a new post since my last visit, I can read the old ones (they NEVER get old)… but there seems to always be something going on with the Panda Kindergarten and that awesome cat.

So now that artist has reached out with a dream. I know what it is to dream. Several years ago I sat in an office in Hillcrest (San Diego, CA) and dreamt of being a cheesemaker, on an Island, milking goats.

Today I am here.

Anne’s dream isn’t nearly so grandiose. She wants to paint. Well, technically she already paints (gorgeous, amazing talent if you didn’t know)… but like most artists she wants to keep learning, keep growing, keep expanding and study with a master.

By comparison it isn’t much. But for an artist, on an artist’s income… it might as well be a new creamery.

So, I’m all about people reaching their dreams. Some I can help, some I can’t.

Let me be clear here, Anne has never ASKED me for anything. She doesn’t hit me up every 3 weeks for another fundraiser, or sponsorship or even nag me to buy her work (although I always graciously get an invite to her shows!!).

Anne has, without prompting, always graciously, unwaveringly supported my dream.

The LEAST I can do is make a pledge to support hers, and ask you to do the same.

You can do that. For $25 (or for $1, or for $1000… but $25 seems do-able for almost everyone), you can help someone reach a dream.

Have you ever watched one of those makeover shows on TV or a generous TV host (like Ellen DeGeneres) give away something to make someone’s dream come true?

Do you know why they do that? It feels good! Really, really good. It feels good to do it, it even feels good just to sit back on your sofa and watch it happen. So for $25 buy yourself some feel-good… and help a dream come true.

AND you get amazing ‘thank you’ gifts for your investment in that dream… how lucky could you get?!?!

I believe in my heart that most people WANT to help other people, but many of them just don’t know how. Here is how. Click it, do it.

There is a time limit. I think as of right now there is only 18 hours left, so get on it. Click it. Do it now. Don’t put it off.

Here is the link… grab your credit card and go.

Still sitting here? Fine, let me push you over the edge… Check out the video… yes, you have to click on the link above to see it. It’s fantastic!

42 people need to give $25. Will one of them be you?

Thanks for your consideration.

Vicky Brown
Chief Milkmaid and Perpetual Dream Chaser

About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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2 Responses to Be the Bear (aka Dream a little dream)

  1. Anne Belov says:

    Aw, Vickie, you made me cry. really. Of all the amazing things about doing this project, the things that people have said about me are THE best part (ok, well, the money to help me go to Italy is pretty great, but you know what I mean.) Yes, I am sitting here snerfling and if there are typos it’s because I can’t see the keyboard very well at the moment.

  2. The goal has been reached (but it’s not too late to contribute!). Many awesome cubs (many from Panda Kindergarten I think) came together to help one of my favorite people embrace her full Bear! Anne, you are the Bear. We love you!!
    And… watching someone else’s dreams come true IS as wonderful as I expected it to be, maybe even more.

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