It’s the biggest news of 2012 (so far)!

“The babies are coming, the babies are coming!” Paul Revere bellowed from his trusty steed as he ran through the streets of Freeland, WA.

Okay, it wasn’t Paul Revere, the manner of communication was iMessage, and the only running was me as I zipped up my jacket, rushing to the barn.

All of the rushing wasn’t really even necessary, Yakima had done all the work. Her gorgeous single buckling was cleaned up on the floor of the shelter. But he was cold, too cold to think about eating.

By the time I had gotten to the barn Tom had Yakima and her baby moved into the barn, I could focus on baby tasks and getting him warmed up (read as: snuggle!). Tom focused on getting  some colostrum from momma. A quick hour after his birth the baby boy is warm, dry and getting his bounce (with a full belly, of course!).

Yakima's baby boy

Yakima’s baby boy

Kidding season has officially begun. With a doe that was at 150 days yesterday, that I determined was probably not even pregnant just 6 days ago. Every time you think you know something on a goats farm, guess again!

Happy kidding season!! Babies are here! Cheese is coming!


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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7 Responses to It’s the biggest news of 2012 (so far)!

  1. Dori says:

    What a cutie! Look at all those little spots! I do so love critters with spots! : )

  2. Marlene Joy says:

    He looks great! Congratulations!

  3. Carole says:

    I’m glad I live fairly close to you, Vicky – can’t wait to start meeting these babies in person (and seeing Maggie, Marshmallow, and Gabriel again!).

  4. Kaycee Connally says:

    Beautiful little boy!

  5. Deb South says:

    My first doe is due March 8th, I’m so excited. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy may you have many more, Kids not necessarily boys. I’d love to figure out how to make cheese.

  6. Bob T Panda says:

    Congratulations! Is his name “Spot”?

  7. Rasmus says:

    Kidding season has got to be the funnest part of the year.
    Full of goats cracking jokes….

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