My proudest contribution

My baby girl. Usually when I talk about my babies I’m talking about goats or sheep, but not today.

Today my baby girl has been on my mind, even more than usual. I mean my 21 year old baby girl.

Baby girl

Baby girl

This morning I found myself thinking about her a lot and recounting stories of her elementary school days with a friend. Late morning I was texting with her. This afternoon my mind was swimming around how special it was to have her here a year ago.


At 12 - yep we were in for a ride.

We dealt with a lot last year. My husband was travelling often, this particular time for work, and we suffered a shocking herd loss. A coyote had gotten into our center walkway and climbed over our fence. One bite was all it had a chance to do before the herd chased it off (based upon the trampling of hoof prints). Unfortunately, the bite was deadly as an effective predator’s bite would be. We lost the beautiful yearling daughter of Winsome. My daughter was there for me. She sent me away, into the barn to compose myself. Once I had sobbed sufficiently I came out to see she had already loaded the poor beast into the tractor. We cried a little bit more and moved onto the unhappy task of burying a herdmate.

A few short weeks later we lost one of my older mommas, sweet Camellia, after several days of a draining and painful vet-assisted fight. It was heartbreaking. My husband was travelling again, this time visiting family, something he hasn’t been able to do often enough with the rigors of the farm and supporting the farm. My daughter was by my side with strength, support, love and compassion. Beyond my broken heart, my daughter graduated to a whole different level of incredible in my eyes. My child had evolved into a lovely woman and I was the lucky recipient of her grace.

My precious child, now woman, raised the bottle babies Camellia left behind and even happily added Gypsy (Tulip’s rejected doeling) to the family when needed. She helped finish the construction of the dairy. She helped me during the emotional ups and downs of last kidding season. To say I miss her this kidding season is an understatement.

As much as that kidding season will always have a scar on my heart from the loss of my dear friend Camellia, it will also hold the memories of my child graduating into a lovely woman in my eyes and my heart. Always my babygirl, but no longer a child she has become a woman that I’m proud to call my daughter.

My favorite young lady, surrounded by two of my other favorite women.

Perhaps it was her doctor appointment today that had her on my mind. Whatever it was I’m happy to have nearly spent the day with my daughter.

There are few things I love more than cheese and more than my goats, but there is nothing I love more than my daughter.


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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One Response to My proudest contribution

  1. Dori says:

    Lovely post, Vicky, and lovely daughter! {hug}

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