Kidding update

Kidding season is well under way. 3 does have kidded so far, leaving 8 healthy, happy kids bouncing on the ground.  We have many more to go, this is just a warm-up.

The first kidding was a surprise, a week ago. Velvet Rose’s babies showed up just before I went to bring her into the prepared kidding area in the barn. As I was walking down the hill, I heard the unmistakable “meh” of baby goats. I ran to our shelter on top of the hill, where I found Velvet tripping around her three newborns, not knowing which one to clean first.

Tom was out in minutes to help move the new family into the barn. Once in the barn, Velvet enjoyed a deep drink of warm water and passed her afterbirth within an hour. After us helping to clean up the babies and make sure they were warm, she made sure they got full bellies.

Our second kidding was more interesting, but not necessarily in a good way. I heard the quiet nicker of Wauwatosa Tuesday afternoon.  I was back in the barn earlier than normal to meet my sister, Sue, so she could visit the newest goats in the herd. With Sue’s help I was able to move Wauwa to her kidding stall, get evening chores done, and send out a few texts before labor advanced.

Thankfully my friend Beth got her text and decided to come watch the event. As Wauwa’s labor progressed it became clear something was not right. With Beth’s help we were able to pull the first kid out. Unfortunately, it was dead – and had been dead for a while. The concern immediately moved to toxicity issues.  We didn’t have long to ponder what to do next, Wauwa moved into the quickest delivery of two bucklings that either of us had ever witnessed.

One and a half days later, Wauwatosa had yet to pass her afterbirth completely. Our vet came out this morning and helped provide some care for my girl and soothe my worried mind. This morning I wasn’t sure if Wauwa was going to be okay, tonight things look much better… even after two nights of very limited sleep.

Her boys also suffered. Kids that are born from such a toxic environment don’t immediately thrive, it takes time to work the toxicity from their systems. Tonight I’m happy to share that both boys are doing well. The larger one has even found his bounce already (and dang is he handsome – pictures soon, I promise)!

This afternoon the tide turned again. Xantippe (we call her Tippie), went into labor while my friend Beth was helping me with some farm work. Both Beth and I were hard at work in different areas of the barn when Tippie let out some ‘pushing’ groans. We dropped what we were doing and ran to make a spot for her to have her babies in peace.  Within 5 minutes we had created a new space and moved her to it. The move slowed down progress, but soon we had more visitors, than another person dropping by, and she had an audience. It was time for her to perform. First came a perfectly normal, boring, textbook doe kid. Next, the two brothers tried to decide who would come, naturally the larger one made it first. Waiting his turn, the smaller boy made his entrance in a perfectly unremarkable way too.

Less than an hour later the newest triplets are eating well and behaving as they should, Tippie has passed her complete afterbirth in one perfect, big push and is eating and drinking and trying to keep track of the energetic triplets now walking under and around her.  If only they all went this way.

Tonight I’m looking forward to a full night of sleep, after posting this and one last barn check that is.

Soon, I’ll post pictures of the cuteness. I wish I could post videos of their bouncing here… stay tuned to facebook ( for those.

Tippie and her new babies (#3 is under her chasing her udder!)

Tippie and her new babies (#3 is under her chasing her udder!)


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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2 Responses to Kidding update

  1. Michael Brown says:

    Hi Vicky,
    just visited this site for the first time, and i showed it to my co workers, and they confirmed you had nubians, i forgot what kind you had. good pictures of the kiddies. i bet your new puppy is jealous! take care, Mike.
    p.s. “chief executive milkmaid!”

    • Thank you Mike, and thanks for sharing it with your co-workers! 🙂
      They are right, these are Nubians… but we have some mini-nubians coming later in the season (Nigerian Dwarf/Nubian cross). Last year we had two sets of the mini’s and they were ADORABLE!!

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