A Good Day

Today was a good one.

A day that started with not enough coffee and wet, gray weather is closing with sense of accomplishment and peace.

The day was a pretty standard day on the farm, chores and barn prep (for coming babies and cheesemaking season). We also got in some special goat prep work, getting the girls that are due to kid in the next 2-3 weeks ready for the big day(s).

After all that, and evening chores, we got a nice brisk walk in with Gabriel, our Livestock Guardian Dog while a bright, nearly full moon rose behind the cloud cover.

Dinner was one of our quick stand-by dinners. The rest of the evening was spent roughing out our plans for the season ahead of us.

Want to know what we figured out?

1)      I will be doing cheesemaking classes on the farm (we haven’t had enough milk to make this happen yet, in spite of the demand and best intentions)

2)      We will be selling at more than one farmers market this year

3)      And at up to 5 retail locations, including at least 2 off Island

4)      And 4 restaurants, two of which have been patiently waiting (thank you!)

Specific details will be announced as we start having cheese available.

However, beyond that, all bets are still off.

My husband has a job offer, kind of. He is also still interviewing.

I am still working my off-farm job and consulting with two other small businesses.

We are navigating some turbulent times financially. The investment in building our creamery left us poorly prepared for the layoff. But, we’re managing, or I think ‘navigating’ is a better term. We’re certain by summer the landscape of our finances will be different.

Naturally, we have Maggie, the rat terrier puppy, keeping us busy with her puppyhood.  Nothing tops of a productive day any better than puppy-play before bed. She has so much energy, but have you seen a puppy sleep? They sleep peacefully, resting completely, well, except for those hilarious-looking dreams they have. 

A puppy sleeping on your lap trumps Tylenol PM or Lunesta any day. If you’re having trouble sleeping, that’s my professional advice, get a puppy.

I can't wait for fresh chevre!
I can’t wait for fresh chevre!

About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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