Change is scary, Change is good, Change our website!!!

Not everyone embraces change. While I generally enjoy change, I do experience some anxiety and frustration with some changes. Some people I know go frantic or shut down when faced with change, while others roll with it, no matter what comes.

I’m not sure what makes people react so differently and so often with fear and trepidation when faced with change. Is it nature? Or nurture? Or a combination? Are we preprogrammed to fear change or did our momma make us this way (yeah, Sigmund, I know where you stand). Oh heck, I don’t even really care.

Most changes I accept readily, even greedily, thriving on the new exciting opportunities. Perhaps that’s why farmstead cheesemaking is such a divine fit for me. One season I’m dealing with weather and trying to keep my herd and me warm and safe as I play madam for my working girls, arranging their trysts with the bucks. Another season I’m a nursemaid to my girls as they go through labor and deliver precious furry little gifts. Then I evolve to be a milkmaid and a cheesemaker, coupled with being a babysitter for both growing kids and maturing cheeses. Finally I get to settle into a routine lasting for 3-4 months, the girls settle into their milk routines, I settle into my cheesemaking and selling routines, and the kids settle into their growing and playing habits, for just long enough to recharge me for the change around the corner.

Or I could go back and working in an office.

So I’ve decided. Change IS good, so share it with me! Here is our newest change, our website: a new design, compliments of the creativity, talent and skill from the awesome  

We still have a few more things to add into it to flush it out. But it’s complete enough for you to get a peak. Click around a little and see what you think!

Thanks for sharing in our newest news on the farm!!

Most gratefully,

Vicky (aka Chief Milkmaid, Ungulate Madam, Cheese-head, Doe/Ewe Doula, Nursemaid, Kid Toy, Caterer-to-the-goats…)


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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2 Responses to Change is scary, Change is good, Change our website!!!

  1. I loved all of those changes that you are speaking of as well! Now the biggest change, having sold all of my goats, I have contacted a local brewery and I am about to make my first batch of Beer Soap.

    • So very cool! Congrats Shannon. Let us know how the first batch turns out and best wishes for the new direction! I’m certain it will be a success, how could it not, with you at the helm? 🙂

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