Cheesemaking is here! Sort of…

I couldn’t stand it for another day!

It’s been months since I’ve made cheese. Technically I last made cheese in 2010, so it’s be a year!!!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m addicted to cheese. It’s not just love and it’s not a fair relationship, it keeps costing me money and adding to my girth. It is a real, honest, “Hello, my name is Vicky” kind of addiction.

What even many of you who do know me don’t know, I’m also addicted to the process of cheesemaking. It is a delight to the senses, the eyes, the nose, naturally taste and touch, but surprisingly to some, even sound (whey dripping IS music!). From milking my sweet, sometimes capricious goats, to smelling the culture growing in the warm liquid, I’m addicted. It’s soothing to my soul to watch the milk separate into the luscious, fragile curds and tangy whey, witnessing the warm curds shrinking, and knit together to create cheese. I don’t want to be cured.

The feeling something has been missing in my life has been a dark shadow without a name, lurking in my day-to-day being. I figured it out! I haven’t been cheesemaking… until tonight!

I finally broke down and bought some milk at the store. I can feel myself coming alive again as it separates into the jello-y curds and bright yellow-green whey. Tonight, I had fresh mozzarella and ricotta. We enjoyed a simple dinner, pizza, and my favorite non-chocolate dessert, ricotta with some of our favorite honey (Island Apiaries, of course) and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Ahhh, and regular cheesemaking starts again soon. Our first babies should be here in about 3 weeks, not long after that we’ll start getting enough milk for our luscious chevre and pheta – and the delightful Velvet Rose (more details coming – but here’s a hint: Whidbey Island Winery

Home cheesemaking

Making cheese at home


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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One Response to Cheesemaking is here! Sort of…

  1. Bob T Panda says:

    One of the things that I like about your cheese-making endeavors (besides getting to eat the results, as if THAT wasn’t enough) is that this is a true craft (or art, if you will…let’s not get into that just yet) that is practiced in a hands on, traditional way. Yes we now have some electric do-dahs and refrigeration, but essentially, you are creating something by art and hand, pretty much in the way it’s always been done. There is value you in this. Thank you for finding a tradition you love and keeping up with it.

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