Small farm, big world

It’s time to come clean (quick before the blog gets too many subscribers!).

I truly believe with my entire being that supporting local producers is the way to go. If I can, I try to support local producers that use local products or grow/create everything from their area – even when I travel. Next, I support local producers that use products brought into the area. Finally, I support local businesses that just resell products from elsewhere.

That is my heart and head telling me that I can impact my local community in many ways, including financially. The less of these little producers that survive, the larger the vacuum for a BoxMart or some other borg to move in. I want to put my meager dollars towards my local shop owners, farmers, producers and their success.

I have heard that $.68 of every $1 spent locally stays in the community. I’m not sure where that number comes from so if anyone has real data on that, please enlighten me.

But really, honestly, that isn’t why we started this venture. It sounds noble if we said we did, but we didn’t. I could make much more money to bring into our local community at a desk in an office. Of course, I probably would spend a larger percentage where the office was than in my community (this is why some communities work so hard to woo business). I could live a much ‘easier’ life – paid gardener, housekeeper, etc. with all that extra cash. I would probably sleep better as it is so much easier to leave work at work in an office job. I would have a stronger routine, because I’d have set work hours. BUT…

But I’m addicted to goats. From the time they snuck into my heart, I knew I had to have a life WITH goats. I’m also a cheese fanatic. I’m no cheese expert, but I am a cheese fanatic. So what quality of life could I have that would marry these two passions? Would cut my sleeping in half? Would leave me in tears and body-racking sobs over losses? The next step, planning our creamery, was our only option.

So there, it’s out. We didn’t make our creamery to satisfy the gaping need in our community. We didn’t struggle through 4 years of paperwork and fees and construction to serve some higher ethical calling. We did it for the goats. We did it to satisfy a most selfish need to be with those goats, care for them well and develop lovely, top notch cheeses that we can’t resist.

Well, unless you ask my husband… I think he’d say we did this because “my wife is insane.” Oh well.

Layla and Coco

Layla and Coco


About Chief Milkmaid

A former executive, now goatmilker and cheesemaker, I am the Chief Milkmaid of the Little Brown Farm.
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  1. Awww, What a pretty baby from Layla. Did she have a single again?

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